We offer a wonderful variety of oriental foods,

as well as non-food items such as Chinese fans and lanterns,

greeting cards, pocket mirrors and more!

Just have a look at our list of quality food products......

Cooking sauces

Soy sauce (light, dark, mushroom, thick)


Sesame oil

Chili sauce

Soy bean and black bean products

BJ condiment

LGM products (hot chili and black bean sauce)

MC soup seasoning (hot & sour, chicken & mushroom,

corn & sea food)

Hot noodle sauce

TTL chicken Bouillon

Oyster sauces

Fish sauces

LKK cooking sauce products


CBJ preserved products

Beijing chili vegies

All kinds of picked vegetables

Korean kimchi


Hotpot seasonings

Hotpot vermicelli

Hotpot soup base (plain and spicy)

Hotpot meat (lamb, beef and pork rolls)


Instant jelly fish products

Red bean paste

Dried black and white fungus

Dried mushroom

Seaweed products

Chinese snacks

Prawn crackers

White rabbit milk candy

Beancurd products

Plumps products

Biscuits, wafers and cakes

Hawthorn products

Seaweed snacks

Sunflower seeds and Pumpkin seeds

Peanut snacks

Jelly products

Other interesting snacks


Tea drinks

Fruits drinks

Aloe Vera drinks

Soybean drinks

Milk tea and coffee

Slimming tea

Green teas (bags and loose)

Herbal tea

White coffee mix

Instant cereal

Black sesame powder

Peanut powder


Sweet mixed porridge, jelly

Frozen Food

Frozen chicken, chicken paw

Frozen pork ribs, pork bone, pork maw,

pork fat end and more

Spring roll (vegetable and prawn)

Samoosa, spring roll pastry

Roast duck and pancakes

All kinds of steaming buns

Frozen fish, squid, mussels

Fish balls, lobster balls, tofu fish balls

Frozen lime leaves, banana leaves

Frozen Chinese dumplings, wanton, shao mai

Dumpling and wanton skins

We also have Sushi ingredients as well as Japanese,

Thai, Philippine and other foods.

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